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Free Shipping on ALL orders!

Pink/White Cat Eye Retro Costume Dress Up Hip Hop Rhinestone Glasses (2 Pack)

Pink Cat Eye Glasses Costume Party Tonight? You're in
luck!! Big Mo's Toys has you covered with our Cat Eye Glasses!! Go ahead and
crash the party; You'll be the STAR of it!! These can be used as dress up for
adults and children alike!! Just buy these, it won't be a waste!! White Cat
Eye Glasses Big Mo's Toys 2 Pack Dress Up Cat Eye Glasses come in 2
spectacular colors to accommodate your needs. These are perfect for Halloween,
Purim, Masquerade, Costume Parties, or any other time you might need to show
some creativity! Classy Glasses These cute glasses will be the attraction of
the party!! They warrant the "Oh My Gosh! Where did you get those?" comment!!
Everyone will LOVE these!! In short, attending a party? This is what you
need!!! About The Brand Big Mo’s Toy’s: "Where Children Come First" Big Mo’s
Toys is the leading brand, bringing you high quality games, toys, favors,
novelties and more. Our products are child safe, tested, and non-toxic.