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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Mirror Ball - Silver Hanging Disco Ball Party Decoration Accessories for 70s Parties


  • Mirror Balls are professional stage party props decorations that hang from ceilings.
  • Each ball is 8in in diameter and has 1/2" glass mirrors set with no space between the mirrors.
  • The balls are great for a music or karaoke party, dance parties, or ornaments for a disco Christmas.
  • Ideal for a tabletop centerpiece, as wall decor, hanging from the ceiling, or on an outdoor porch.
  • Big Mo's Toys items are made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child's Safety.
1970s Decorative Classic Disco Ball is the ideal scene setter for a night club or birthday parties. It can be used with shiny neon lights at a music festival, or as cool supplies for disco themed bedroom décor. It is a real disco ball that can be hung on top of a kitchen or party table in your home or used as centerpieces for kids and adult parties. This ball is the ideal prop for a hippie or disco theme event. It is hangable through a ring attached to the top of the 8inch mirrored ball and it wont drop by mistake. These balls can be used in bulk to decorate the whole ceiling. These balls are light weight and made of foam and mirror but are not hollow on the inside. They can be used for a new years eve party, Halloween, Christmas, a fiesta, or any party with an old school theme. These balls are also cool to use to turn a gym into a dancing floor. These pendant balls will go spinning and flying if there is a fan blowing on them! The effect of this ball is dazzling, even when its not rotating! It gives the room disco vibes and is the best accessory for a vintage party!