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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Kids Gun - Soft Foam Bullet Kid Gift Dinosaur Transforms Shot Gun - 1 Gun and 20 Bullets


  • Toy Gun is ideal as a gift for boys of all ages for a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • This gun will enhance your child’s fine motor skills as he transforms the toy between the Dino and gun.
  • It is ideal for backyard play or indoor play for any small boy who loves warriors and dinosaurs.
  • This gun can transform into a dinosaur with a few clicks that your child can figure out himself.
  • Big Mo's Toys items are made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child's Safety.
Transforming revolver and bullets set is the best toy gift for any boy ages five to ten. This gun also has the transforming advantage over other guns. It will keep the puzzle lovers entertained for hours. This blaster shoots foam darts through the air and is perfect for using a dart target board for anyone trying to improve their aim. It is the ideal handgun pistol for any kid who loves playing with pistols. These blasters sets will have your kids entertained in safe war play for hours, and when the bullet does strike, it doesn't have too much power and is light, so it won't hurt. Ideal for kids who love shooting ranges and strongarm toys.