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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Dinosaur Water Guns


Big Mo's Toys Soakers Waterguns Pistols are ideal for any kid from a two year old to ten year olds. They are fun for any boy or girl and on the top popular stuff for kids list. It can be used as Easter basket stuffers or xmas gifts. This water gun is ideal for free play in the park or backyard. It can be played with in the bath but be careful the batteries shouldn't get submerged in the water. They can be used for games like who can stay dry the longest. Such games can be played with your young toddler, as well as your friends and parents. This is an awesome gift and supplies for any pool or beach party. It can be used for training your cat or dog and will also make the best Christmas gift. Whatever you get it for, It is perfect!

Big Mo's Toys items are made of high quality materials that are non-toxic and tested to ensure your child's safety.