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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Big Mo's Toys Creepy Spider - Hairy Real Look Tarantula Spider with Red LED Eyes - 1 Piece


Big Mo's Toys Indoor Outdoor Creepy Spider Props are ideal for Halloween or a spider themed party. This spider can look cool with webs or without. The legs can be bent to make it look more realistic in the web. It works great for a Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets party where Hagrid's friend Aragog the Acromantula dies. It can be used as decor for the front door, in the kitchen, and of course, on the lawn. This fun toy plush spider's eyes are made of red LED lights to make it more realistic looking and eerie. These black gray bigger than life size Spiders can be used as stakes for your lawn for Halloween and will look cool with any color webbing. And it can also be used to pull a prank on a kid.

Big Mo's Toys items are made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child's Safety.