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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!
FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Animal Cars - Soft Rubber Cartoon Animal Push Toy Vehicles for Babies and Toddlers - Pack of 12


  • Infant And Toddler Cars are 12 different designed soft rubber cars, perfect for any kid.
  • These cars measure approximately 2.5" x 2.5" x 1.5". Different designs have different dimensions!
  • Each car has a separate design on it including an ambulance, fire truck, police car, construction cars, etc.
  • These cars are great for any boy or girl that is teething, just learning to crawl, or starting to play with toys.
  • Big Mo's Toys items are made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic and Tested to ensure your child's Safety.
Soft Rubber Animal Cars make ideal gifts for any little baby. These floating cars are great bathtub toys for it is rubber and made of the same silicone material as the rubber duckies. They are educational for girls and boys and can be used to teach your child all about animals. Each car represents a different animal and there are a dozen cars total in the pack. The animals included are an elephant, a lion, a deer, a zebra, a hippo, a tiger, a bunny, a monkey, a dog, a cat, a sheep and a cow. They are ideal for babies from 6 months to 5 year old kids. They can be a My First gift for a birthday or the Holidays. This toy works for babies from infants and toddlers to pre school age children. They are a great floor toy and the wheels turn easily on any floor type except carpet. They can also be used as Christmas Stocking Stuffers for kids, party favors, a bath tub toy, a sensory toy, a small favor or stuffer, or to introduce to your kid the ideal of wheels.