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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

12 Pack 8 Inch Glider Planes - Birthday Party Favor Plane, Great Prize, Handout Glider, Flying Models, One Dozen

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  • SUPER VALUE/PARTY PACK-12 pieces; Great Party Favor, Good Behavior Rewards, Goodie Bag Toy, Birthday Giveaway, And Entertainment For An Entire Family!
  • GLIDER PLANE: At 8” Long, These Planes Soar Through The Air With Its Propellers Spinning At High Speed. With The Prop Whirring Faintly In The Background, These Planes Compare To The Real Thing And Will Have Children Enthralled.
  • ASSORTED STYLES: Each Pack Displays Assorted Plane Models And Styles. Including Historical And War Plane models.
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKAGED: With Each Plane Set Being Packaged Individually, This Is The Ideal Toy For A Party Favor Or Goodie Bag Toy.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Made Of Sturdy Styrofoam, Ultimately Easier For Children To Assemble.
Party Pack Glider Planes come in packs of 12, making it a favorite in Party Favors and Decorations! These planes are not limited to childs play, but are also fantastic for decorations. They are very easy to hang from the ceiling since they are so lightweight; and they don't need very strong tape, so the paint won't come off!! Additionally, these will bring back great memories for all the adults in the room!! About The Brand Big Mo’s Toy’s: "Where Children Come First" Big Mo’s Toys is the leading brand, bringing you high quality games, toys, favors, novelties and more. Our products are child safe, tested, and non-toxic. Product Qualities The prints on these planes were taken from the prints on actual fighter jets, making them great for boys in general! They are perfect though, for any boy who is obsessed with planes!! These cheap glider fighter jets, are great for flying indoor and out! No matter the weather, your child will be entertained!! These jets are great for kids of all ages!! Kids who can fly them, will have lots of fun playing catch, and kids who are too young, can play with them as toys!!! Whatever the age, they will not want to put those away!!