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100 Piece Party Pack Mini Wild Jungle Animals-Plastic Mini Educational Animals

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Value Pack If you are looking for something to entertain
your kids for a while, Big Mo’s Wild Jungle Animals will keep your child
hooked. This value pack of child friendly toys is something your kids will
love to play with! 100 pieces per pack will ensure your child doesn't get
bored, and you will have enough pieces even if your child's friends come over.
It’s a great toy for children as young as pre-school kids up until 4th or 5th
grade. This pretend toy is colorful and realistic looking due to the hand
painting. It can also be used as a party favor, party giveaway, birthday gift,
or even as a teacher’s visual aid. The uses are indefinite. In fact, the only
thing that is definite, is that no matter who you give them to, they are a
favorite! Item Qualities Painting adds a realistic touch to those pretend toy
animals, making them look real. The vibrant colors used, together with the
fact that your child will love to play with them, will ensure your child will
remember the differences between similar animals. This educational toy is also
great for city moms who don’t have access to, or are too busy for an outing to
the zoo; yet still want their child to know about the other living creations
of this world. This item will teach your child so much about the world outside
they know it, and will broaden their limited knowledge. About The Brand Big
Mo’s Toy’s: "Where Children Come First" Big Mo’s Toys is the leading brand,
bringing you high quality games, toys, favors, novelties and more. Our
products are child safe, tested, and non-toxic.