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FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders in the US!!

Valentine's Bear - Brown Plush Teddy Bear with Red Hug Me Love Heart Dirty Talking Valentines Day Funny Farting Stuffed Animal Girlfriend Boyfriend


  • Cute Girl Friend Annoying Animals Present makes a cute, romantic birthday gift..
  • These wife teddy bear gifts are 11" tall and have soft plush fur and red velvet squeeze me hearts.
  • This funny little sentimental bear makes for a great friends and girlfriends small surprise gifts.
  • These bears are the best presents that will have your boyfriends holding their sides from laughter.
  • This item is made of High Quality materials that are Non-Toxic, Child safe and tested to ensure your child’s safety.
Cool Valentine Day Stuff is the ideal present for your boyfriend, girlfriend, father, or friend. This hilarious talking and farting bear will have the guys laughing hysterically!! They make great fathers day gifts, Christmas gift, as well as six month anniversary bf gf gifts. These stuffed animals look sweet enough while sitting on the shelf, but that's where it ends. Just follow the instructions on the heart and you will start laughing hysterically! This teddy bear falls under the funny things category to give to your spouse! It's funny and cute, and most of all, cheap. Gift this to your loved one when you come back from a being apart for some time, or to celebrate a milestone. This teddy makes for a great surprise gift because it's a real unassuming gift until you actually press the heart! This teddy bear can also really be appreciated by young children and preteens for it doesn't say anything inappropriate aside from the farting. This teddy bear is also a great cheering up gift part of a get well soon package. This teddy bear will definitely make the sick smile!